Turn up the volume on your email marketing!

Turn up the volume on your email marketing!

Every plausible definition of good email marketing, places customers at its heart. Whichever way you look at it, whether you love them or hate them, satisfying them is the surest route to improved sales and bigger profits. Customers feed you, clothe you, and pay your bills.

It is generally accepted that it is five to six times less expensive to keep a customer rather than to go out and get a new one. Ask anyone with sales experience and they will tell you how much better the atmosphere is and how the sale is made more easily where the two sides have already done business together. You already have a relationship, they already know you.. And few, if any are giving you all of their business.

Yet according to research from the Henley Centre, 80% of customers believe they are not valued. Not surprising when you consider that the approach still adopted by many companies is to only make contact when something needs to be sold, regular communication through email marketing would be more beneficial.

Research by APA indicates that 67% of lost opportunity is simply through indifference brought on by lack of contact and you can see why, in today’s increasingly competitive marketplace that developing an ongoing dialogue with customers is vital if companies are to succeed. Customers should not be viewed as on-off switches – approached in the right way they are volume dials!

By communicating with our customers we start to appreciate their needs and wants, and importantly what motivates them to buy – especially from us. Unintentionally, we start to focus on developing our ‘share of customer’ to sell more to each of our now more loyal and committed customers, to the exclusion of our competitors. A far cry from the old fashioned ‘share of market’ approach still adopted by many.

Any company can benefit from developing better dialogue with their customers, and suppliers for that matter. Ongoing dialogue is important, it is the very basis of how, we as human beings communicate. And remember, communication for both supplier and customer is a two-way thing. It’s about listening as well as talking.

Email marketing is set to become a “must have” in the marketing toolkit as businesses increasingly focus on Return-on-Investment. Experts have predicted that email newsletters will become less sales driven and we expect marketers to focus on building customer relationships .

UK businesses have started to switch from US to UK based email marketing software providers. We expect this to continue as UK businesses seek high delivery rates and excellent customer service from their ESP.

Although the final objective may appear the same – increased sales and profits, the bottom line reflects something quite different. Ask yourself, which approach has a shorter sales cycle, lower marketing, administrative, advertising and sales costs? Which is more vulnerable to the ups and downs of trend and economic cycles?

Many will say that no matter how good your product and no matter how well you service customers there will always be some level of attrition and therefore generating new customers, is also vitally important. This is true but don’t forget that a satisfied customer is a loyal customer, and a loyal customer tells others about their experience, generating recommendations and referrals in their wake.

With so much to be gained, the marketing tools and methods such as email marketing are necessary to develop ‘share of customer’ and should form an inherent part of any company’s business development strategy.

You may say. “I’ve heard some of that before”? Maybe: So are you acting on it? Most of your competitors aren’t . At the end of the day business goes where it is invited.

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We would like to thank Dale Howarth for his contribution to this article.

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