Does my Email look big in this?

How can you ensure that your delivered email looks the same as your design?

As marketers we spend hours ensuring that our design work looks right. We review printed material before we send it and we go through our website with a fine tooth comb. However, far too many of us neglect to test emails before sending them to our database. This is resulting in thousands of marketing emails being poorly rendered and brands becoming damaged.

Our designers have spent the last six years perfecting our email marketing software and the art of email template design. Here are our top five tips to ensure that your email renders in the maximum number of email clients.

Top five design tips

1. Build the email using Tables for layout – this is the most stable way to format HTML emails across most email readers;

2. Ensure images are correctly sized and are RGB. Save them at 72 dpi resolution and optimised to .gif or .jpg format.

3. Never embed images – always host them on a web server. This ensures a much smaller email size. It also avoids your email being rejected by some email readers;

4. Stylesheets are a no-no – email readers commonly ignore these. Use <font> tags or inline styles instead;

The most important thing to remember is to test your email before you send it. Always make sure you test in Hotmail, Yahoo, AOL, Lotus Notes and Outlook, as these are the five most popular email clients. You could also use email marketing experts that use email marketing software that ensures successful email marketing campaigns every time!


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