That is the aim but is it actually what you want?

Do our Email Marketing aims fit with shopper expectations? A recent U.S study suggests they don’t. Our research discovered that 77 percent of consumers today want to be given email updates and unscheduled promotional offers. However, as few as 8 percent actually receiving these.

As marketers we understand it’s important to meet buyer expectations. We study expectation experience gaps and devise ways to secure them. However, do we actually do this? Do we meet our consumers expectations or do we concentrate on meeting internal targets previous to the needs and wants of our customers?

UK clients are consistently changing. They are becoming a lot more dependent on website research to re-enforce their retail decisions. In 2005 Mintel reported that 10 percent of consumers preferred to make purchases from their own home. This is set to increase in 2006 as more consumers turn to the internet and search engines to inform their buying decisions.

Online marketing and offline marketing is changing. Our most current reports inform us that consumers are demanding more internet marketing and less offline marketing. UK marketers must make this conversion. Consumers are demanding increased elasticity and are moving towards marketing on demand. There’s good news however, the tools to meet the changing environment are easily available and often low cost in contrast to traditional marketing media. The challenge in 2006 is for marketers to embrace technology, act on consumer demand and provide marketing communications that meet expectations.

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